I-CWIK® (Blue/Yellow)

Ice-Cold Water Immersion Kit


Ice-Cold Water Immersion Kit (Blue PVC / Yellow Webbing) & Montrose R&S- Jura Style I-CWIK container Bag.

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Weight: 5.6kg 

Length: 2600mm 

Width: 900-550mm 

Maximum patient height: 195cm 

Maximum patient weight: 130kg 

Recommended Storage Temperature: 10-25 Celcius 

Maximum Temperature: +50 Celcius 

Minimum Temperature: -20 Celcius 

Max Water Volume: 200L


Fire behaviour: (Dark Blue PVC = BS:7837, 1996) (Olive Green PVC = ISO 3795). 

Strapping and Webbing:  

Filament Polyester. 50mm width: break strength = 3000kg. 40mm width: break strength=2200kg). 

    • High Quality: Features YKK’s AQUASEAL® lightweight fully waterproof zips combining VISLON® technology.
    • Smooth Operation: Allows for easy and smooth operation crucial in medical situations.
    • Corrosion Resistant: The zips' plastic and stainless sliders have high resistance to corrosion in extreme conditions.
Carry Straps:
    • Strong & Reliable: Manufactured by leading UK webbing manufacturer WILSA, with a minimum breaking strength of 3000kg.
    • Antimicrobial & Antifungal: Impregnated with coatings to reduce contamination and colonization risk from common microbes.
Premium Grade PVC:
    • Robust & Reliable: Manufactured using 675gsm premium grade PVC for robustness in the pre-hospital environment.
    • Innovative Design: Reinforced side panels provide rigidity to prevent bulging and allow full patient immersion during cold water immersion.
Cross Straps:
    • Durable: Manufactured by WILSA, with a minimum breaking strength of 2200kg.
    • Antimicrobial & Anti-fungal: Impregnated with coatings to reduce contamination risk from common pathological microbes.
    • High-Grade Material: Features YKK Shockonloc® dual adjustment buckles made from high-grade polyacetal.
    • Strength & Durability: Provides strength and durability against impact and resists water absorption in extreme environmental conditions.
    • Ice Cold Water Immersion: Ensures reliability during the ice-cold water immersion of patients.